Our Values


Why Work with Us

ACES is a reliable procurement partner supporting international contractors to successfully complete complex projects - through just-in-time delivery of goods and services - since 2004.
We are next to you no matter the tight schedule nor the scope of the project. You can be sure we will deliver according to our customer-centric values such as: 
  • Empathy
  • Reliability
  • Professionalism

ACES thinks and acts like you would do. We strive to be your outsourced procurement partner and relieve you from the cost and burden of complex operations by managing challenging and fragmented tasks with an integrated approach.
We are your reference to get the job done on-time and within the budget. Our work is based on:

  • End-to-End Project Management 
  • A One-Stop-Shop Approach
  • Operating Flexibility

Main Activities

home worldmapACES Srl is your expert partner for:

  • Worldwide sourcing of materials
  • Import & Export services
  • Expediting services
  • Tests & Treatments
  • Logistics
  • Securing financing for your projects
  • International partnership consulting

We started offering our services to international contractors in 2004 and have been growing since.
Thanks to the combined 50 years' experience of our founders, we have the know-how and are well positioned to support our Clients as a dynamic, flexible, on-time and reliable partner.
Our Clients include important international Contractors active in the oil & gas, petrochemical, powergen, infrastructure and leisure industries.
Over the past ten years, ACES Srl has successfully delivered machinery, equipment and project materials to various projects executed in Turkey, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Qatar, Libya, Morocco and Algeria.